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You are a proud hippopotamus! You and your hippo family have gone out for your nightly forage on the savanna. Dining on delicious grasses under the moonlight is such a delight, but you must get back to your watering hole before dawn when the Dreaded Crocodile arrives. If the croc gets there first, you’ll have to spend all day out in the sun and get a nasty sunburn. So make haste and beat the croc!

Install instructions

This game comes with a printable 8x8 grid as the game board but if you have a standard chess/checkers board it would probably be better to use that.


Moonlight Hippos and the Dreaded Croc.pdf 436 kB


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This game was designed to be an entry-level, family weight cooperative game for kids, families, and anyone who wants to play! It features action selection and set collection as mechanics.