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Who knows if the moon’s A balloon,coming out of a keen city In the sky--filled with pretty people?  

These lines and the rest of the poem that follows them, written in 1925 by esteemed poet E.E Cummings, drive the story of Game #40rty 0ne Dash Se7en.  In Game #40rty 0ne Dash Se7en you compete to climb aboard six balloons (or is it the moon) as they rise into the sky. You’ll use cards to lift your people onto the balloons, and to unlock special actions that could help you to outsmart your opponents and win the game along with a voyage to…  

A keen city …where always                it’s                      Spring) and everyone’s in love and flowers pick themselves.

You’ll win Game #40rty 0ne Dash Se7en by adding cards to a shared tableau and manipulating them so as to lift your people onto the balloons. The higher in the sky the balloon is when you claim it by adding one of your people to it, the more points it’s worth. At the end of the game - when all seven balloons have been boarded - the one who has scored the most points is the winner.

Install instructions

Print and Play instructions are included at the end of the rules document.


Game 40rty 0ne Dash Se7en (with PnP).pdf 2 MB
Game #41 dash 7 Cards and Board v2.0.pdf 988 kB


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I have made a few small changes to the rules document that will hopefully make the print and play experience go smoother. Thanks for having a look and enjoy the game!