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Das Totenschiff is based on a story by B Traven and first published in 1926. It is a tale of seafarers on doomed ships searching desperately for a port that will take them in. But none will. 

You’ll play as one of these anguished mariners as you gather the  materials you need to pay the port fees and a few extras to pay the required bribes while sailing through the treacherous seas.

But make haste or you'll become food for the kraken!


Das Totenschiff Cards.pdf 248 kB
Das Totenschiff Rules.pdf 1 MB


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Thank you to all who have checked out Das Totenschiff! If anyone has a rules question or any other question, I'm happy to help. 

Enjoy the game!

I updated the cards so that they are now color coded. I should have done it before now,  but I honestly wasn't expecting so many quick downloads.

Thank you to all who are giving Das Totenschiff a try!